Painful Tears

Change your Tears to Cheerful Tears.



Our approach is a four pronged strategy. We aim to create a difference by working on four different levels : individual, family, society and government.



Painful Tears was born out of the vision to transform painful tears into cheerful tears. It sought to usher in a healthier and happier childhood. It came into existence in 2018, when the trustees, Vibhor Goela and Disha Arora, who are advocates by profession started it with a group of three friends and Rs 100. Today, the organization has grown to diversify its scope to lay special focus on children with special needs. Additionally, it seeks to provide free legal consultancy for women and child welfare.



Unlike other organizations, Painful Tears is built on the model of a cooperative community. It is guided by the principle of fraternity. All the people associated with the organization will also be friends-in-need for each other. We endeavor to build a family not arising out of blood but out of a strong sentiment towards a common cause.

Who We Are

Painful Tears is a non governmental organization working for child welfare and child development. It aims to bring a smile to every child’s face. It envisages an inclusive and equitable growth of children, in a society guided by the principles of justice, equity and fraternity.

Why Children

Children are the building blocks of any society. Their inner vision will be reflected in the outer reality of the world. The organization firmly believes that the children form the foundation of the society. They possess the ability and capacity to make the world a better place to live and thrive.

Children with special needs are, in particular, an ostracized segment of society with no political representation. The organization aims to provide them with monetary aid and vocational skill acquisition.

What We Do

Child Welfare

Children with Special Needs

Free legal consultancy for women and child welfare